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1st win - Game 2 innings
wins the one team that has scored more total runs than the opponent in his two innings closed. See Rule 12.3 (Completed innings). See also the following section 6 .

2. victory - game over 1 innings
wins the one team that has scored more runs in their innings as the enemy closed in his innings. See Rule 12.3 (Completed innings). See also the following section 6 .

3. Attribution of the game by the referee
Notwithstanding any agreement under Rule 12.1 (b) (Number of innings) shall apply: (a) A team loses the game if they (i) gives up. or (ii) refuses the opinion of the referee to play. The referee recognize the game then the other team to. (b) If a judge is of the opinion that an action by any or equal more than one player game denial of one of the teams could, the referee must work together to determine the cause of the action. If they then decide together that this action game a denial of one of the teams equals, they must inform the captain of the team concerned about it. If the captain to continue this action, the referee must the game in accordance with the preceding paragraph (a) grant the other team. (c) If an action in the previous section (b) carried out as described after the game has started, and does this not a game refusal same, (i) the lost playing time from the beginning of the action to the continuation of the game in accordance with the Rule 15.5 counted (to change the agreed break times). (ii) , the time for the end of the game that day, in compliance of rule 3.9 (interruption of hazardous or not meaningful games) shifted by this amount. (iii) any overs are not deducted solely on the basis of this period in the last hour of play.

4. Play with agreements under Rule 12.1 (b)
For all games in which agreements under Rule 12.1 (b) are met (number of innings), the result is recorded as specified in the agreement if the result is not as in the previous sections 1 , 2 or 3 is determined as described.

5. Other Games - draw or draw
(a) Draw
A game ends in a draw, if at the end of the game the scores of both teams are the same. The condition is that the last beating team has completed its innings. (b) Draw A game that according to the definition of the 16.9 rule (completing the game) is finished, ends draw, if the result is not as described in the previous sections 1 , 2 or 3 is determined as described.

6 more profitably shock or extra points
(a) When a result is obtained as in the preceding sections 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 or 5 (a) defines, the game is over. The following actions are no longer to be considered part of the game. The exceptions are in rule 42.17 (b) cases (penalty) described. See also the following section 9 . (b) The runs the last beating team-rich only to victory when the total number will still be sufficient if the legs are not taken into account that the batsmen before a fishing or disability of a catch with possible retirement have achieved a batsman. (c) If a marginal impact achieved before the batsmen have sufficiently completed many runs to win, all boundary blow-points to the score for the team and in the event of a hit with the bat be added also to the score of the batsman.

7. Expression of the result
If the last beating team wins the game, without having lost all their wickets, the result is given by the number of then not yet fallen wickets. Has the last batting side after losing all their wickets no higher total number of runs than your opponent, but then through the allocation of 5 penalty points has enough points for a win, this team the victory is awarded by penalty points.
If the last field playing team wins the result is expressed as a victory due to the difference in runs. When the game is decided by a team that gives up or refuses to play, the result will be "abandoned game" or as "accorded game" specified.

8. correctness of the result
, the decision whether the scores are correct, is the responsibility of the referee. See Rule 3.15 (accuracy of the point standings).

9. Error writing
Have the players and umpires leave the pitch in the belief that the game was over, while the referees find that writing down the points an error was made, which influenced the results, taking into account the following section is 10 , the following procedure apply: (a) If, at the time when the players leave the pitch that last hitting team their innings not been completed, and (i) the minimum over the number of the last hour or the current innings is not yet completed or ( ii) the date agreed at the end of the game or innings has not yet been reached, the referee order the continuation of the game, are out of a team on. If it allow the external conditions, the game will continue until the period specified number was completed and the date of overs has been achieved at the end of the game or innings, unless it is a final result previously obtained. The number of overs and time remaining for the game are adopted as they stood firm at the moment of time announcement. The duration between that date and the resumption of the game is not taken into account. (b) are completed in the time announcement the overs and reaches the end of the game or has the last beating team finished their innings, the umpire shall be immediately both captains of the necessary Punktzahl- and accurate solutions.

10. Do not altered result
Once the arbitrator agreed with the outcry Bern on the accuracy of the point standings at the conclusion of the game - see Rules 3.15 (accuracy of the point standings) and 4.2 (trueness points tally) - the result can not be changed.

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