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The Österreichischer Cricket Verband ÖCV-ACA was founded in September 1981 as a non-profit organisation as the National Governing Board for cricket in Austria. The ÖCV-ACA has been an affiliate member of the global governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1992, and is recognised by ICC as the sole governing body for cricket in Austria.
For us (VCC), it was a very interesting tournament and all games that we played were pretty tight and could have gone either way. I believe we have room for this tournament and should be continued and as you say, can be tweaked slightly to look at even better improvements. Umpiring was tough for the assigned people, as they were on the go all the time and pulled through on all the days, no issues from us, just praise to Santo.

It was an intense and exciting tournament where strategies are sometimes difficult to execute. We often had a plan to batsmen or bowlers, but due to the nature of play, these were often changed, especially when in the field. There is a great deal of accuracy required for the bowling side in execution as there are less fielding backups than in the usual formats. This makes the game very much in favour towards the batsman as they can hit the ball almost anywhere and it can land safe and they still get runs. The bowler on the other hand has to put up with less fielders and is penalised heavily for extras. In a way you could say it almost balances out as there are only 6 batsman in the team, so at some stage the batsmen do have to play very carefully as you need to bat your 10 overs to post a good score. It would be exciting if there is a way to create a rule to bring more balance to the game between batting and bowling, but this is just our subjective opinion.

It is physically quite a challenging format due to the size of the teams and the need to cover all the fielding areas. You are always on the move and on a hot day your energy levels are tested even more. When batting, the batsmen have to be alert and need to run a lot if they want to take all runs on offer which becomes very exhausting.

This format encourages more team spirit and leads you to trust, help, support and cheer on your team mates even more then usual as the game is over so fast. It also teaches you to respect everyone and enjoy some of the cricket on offer from all teams and to cherish some lovely bowling, awesome batting or tremendous fielding.

Finally, this format forces accuracy, intensity, physical strength and the will to win.

written by: Quinton Norris - Captain VCC.

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